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The Ripple Effect of Telehealth

In future we aim to exchange opinions with a number of external organizations such as the government, academia, and medical industry and discuss topics such as conflict of interest and on clinical research in the current market. We will work toward improving the environment for research put places emphasis on medical researchers from the medical university affiliation bodies.

We believe that we need to clearly understand in what ways doctors can contribute to societal needs. With this in mind, we have set up a panel discussion on the topic of "Promotion of Gender Equality to Equality between the Sexes: Career Education will Change our Future" on July 25, and we have discussed and clarified how we will run the actual projects and engage in this matter.

Listening to the individual speeches and to the panel discussion between the representatives from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan Society for Medical Education and PGEC, we have realized that we all need to work together, the educators, the policy makers, and we need to have appropriate decision-making by the policy makers and we need educators to have an in-depth and holistic vision.

By joining forces together we felt there was a lot of energy and we also need time to implement the projects that were discussed.

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We have scheduled to run a nationwide survey on the matters discussed by the panel mainly how to provide support to women researchers. We will strive to further enhance our committee for Promotion of Gender Equality Committee in future. We appreciate your support. We aim to pull the medicine and medical care in Japan in the right direction and we engage in a wide range of activities such as medical education, research, and medical care.

With our activities the medical care in Japan has now become widely known in media and in the policy area.

We have broad publicity on the activities that are undertaken by the committee and the content, activities and results can be viewed on our home page both in Japanese and in English. We also have public relations magazine, and we hold regular press conference events. We also closely work together and cooperate with the Japan Medical Association and the Japanese Association of Medical Science and we organize and hold emergency press conference events on ongoing that is repeated basis. We fight against the opposition and we often release counter opinion statements and opinion papers to the government against unsupported statements by the opposition.

Telehealth on the Front Lines of the Refugee Crisis

We engage in issues such as the collapse of medical system, quality control of medical professionals and establishment of new medical schools. We have designed concrete plans and proposals by working together in joint committees with the Japan Medical Association in order to reduce uneven placement of physicians in regional clinics and to help improve situation in community health. This council activities are known to the public through various media and publications. We will continue to publicize our efforts and activities in order to ensure that the right view is spread to general public, the government and media and understood.

Yamagata University, Specially Appointed Professor Takamasa Kayama I was appointed with the establishment of the committee to deal with medical support for the affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred March 11, The earthquake and tsunami caused damages to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and this accident has spread to the whole country, and in particular the three northeastern prefectures have been affected. The scale of the disaster has been described as something that occurs once in years. The difference between the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake and 3.

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The entire towns were damaged and wiped out and on the affected sites there is a large amount of debris. Therefore providing only the traditional type of emergency care was not sufficient but rather much broader support was required. For example, we had to work on how to manage chronic diseases and public health issues as well as how to manage nutritional intake. Similar to the Awaji Hanshin disaster, initial help provided by the supporter was unprepared and people went unprepared.

This was due to the damage being spread across large areas, and without access to shops and convenience stores, the support was very limited. Hence, based on this experience, we require a long-term, ongoing and comprehensive support networks. The Committee has been working closely with 80 universities and has provided medical support and services to the affected areas. The University Hospital physicians across Japan were working excessive hours and put under strain in order to help.

We ask for your continual support for the victims. Thank you for your cooperation. Japan is undergoing rapid socio-economic changes and Japan's medical health care is also being changed in terms of the medical systems and the services offered. Thus, the School of Medicine, Medical College is required to deal with these changes in an appropriate way. In order to enables us to do so we need to carry out research and to analyze findings from the research in a timely matter.

The data on the medical system and services should be collected both internally and externally and surveys should be carried out nationwide. Students from the School of Medicine and Medical Universities need to provide data on the current state of medical education. With this in mind, I can say that the significance of the White Book is becoming stronger and stronger.

AJMC® Research Roundup: July 2019

We will work hard on this data collection and findings and providing solutions. Moreover, we also need to develop and run national surveys on ad-hoc basis in order to get an understanding of changes that happen fast. We will contribute to all member universities by sharing this information with you. You help with the survey is essential in order to collect the most accurate data.

I ask all of you from the School of Medicine, Medical Colleges to help us with the data collection and I ask you for you continuous support and cooperation, thank you. There is no doubt that medical education in Japan has a high value but the number of hours of clinical training may need adjustments. The Committee WG has published the education curriculum for all medical schools on biannual basis and we also research the FD status annually. The purpose of this study is to apply the international standards quality of medical education in Japan and to develop excellent clinicians and medical researchers that have capabilities of the global standard.


Your help with the survey is strongly appreciated and although it will take some of your time it is highly important for us to collect the data. Thank you in advance.

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Osaka City University, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Tetsuo Arakawa We are working with the Japan Medical Association on solving shared issues such as improving the quality of medicine and medical care. Moreover we have formed a joint committee that has designed an immediate proposal on how to solve uneven distribution of doctors and the key suggestions in this proposal was announced at a press conference in August.

Establishment of the School of Medicine is not a solution, but I believe that this proposal moves us one step closer to the resolution. There is a need for close ties and cooperation between the regional medical associations and universities in order to help solve issues with medical accident investigations, the system of specialist doctors and community health initiatives. My mission is to disseminate information from the central body to all municipalities and I ask for your support and guidance to help me in my role and duties.

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